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Swimming Pool and Spa in Munich

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This absolutely fabulous Art Nouveau indoor swimming pool was built in 1901 and donated to the city by wealthy engineer Karl Müller. In the Rosenheimerstrasse you will find one of my favourite swimming pool in Europe ! Whenever I am in Munich, I have to go there. That’s what I did on this cold sunday morning in order to repair the parisian debaucheries and excesses . It is never too crowdy, so you do not slalom between swimmers. They have 2 big pools, a hammam and a sauna. The swimming pool is opened daily from 7.30 am till 11.00 pm. The swiming pool entrance ticket is around 3,80 euros. It’s more expensive to get access to the spa ( 14 euros for a 4 hours ticket ). Hope you are not too shy, I forgot to mention that you have to take off your bathing suite in the stunning spa ( nudiste zone ) !!! The sauna and the Hammam are exclusive for women on tuesday ( all day long ) and on friday till 3.00 pm. Do not forget to bring your towel and your flip flop …

Rosenheimerstrasse 1 – Munich – Germany

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