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Au Petit fer à cheval (Restaurant Paris 4)

Par The Fab Day, le Juil 3, 2014, mis à jour le Oct 4, 2018

Dans le guide café restaurant Paris : Au petit fer au cheval… One of my favourite 1903 parisian bistro in the heart of Paris. I am used to go there since 1992. In summer you should try to get a seat on the terrace and enjoy the spectacle of the street, drinking a bottle of wine … Always a good solution for a nice diner because you do not have to reserve a table. They have a dining room behind the bar.

Au Petit fer à cheval (Restaurant Paris 4) 1The service is always smiling (either you are a tourist or a regular customer). Price between 30 and 45 euros according to the wine you will choose. Legendary toilet makes you feel like penetrating a submarine. I normaly take the Steak Tartare ( 14 € ), the Cuisse de Canard ( 17 € ), the Andouillette ( 13 € ) or the Salade du Petit Fer ( 12 € ). The Tarte Tatin ( 7,50 € ) is delicious ! Xavier Denamur, the owner of the place did a great job ! He had some problems last year with his manager but they swear that it will be fixed in June 2010 (a new team is coming). They are closing around 1.00 a.m. Do not hesitate also to push and open the door of La Belle Hortense (just in front) in order to buy a book enjoying a glass of wine.


30, rue Vieille du Temple – 75004 Paris – France.

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